What To Consider When Choosing A Kontrola Dostępu System?

The first thing to consider is that there is no control system universal access for all. You need to examine customer needs and evaluate the options best suited to your order. Before you opt for a system or Kontrola dostępu technology we answer some questions:

How Many Doors Should Be Checked And Manage?

This is the first question that we do. In case you want to control more than one door, an autonomous system is not ideal. To decide between a distributed or a centralized system we other questions. If you only want a single station from which to control all connected access from a single point, we use a distributed system. If our client also has the need for a time control or have a record of incidents in real time, a centralized system would be the most suitable option.

Kontrola Dostępu Planning

"The number of doors we want to control is key to know the system we need."

How Important Is Personal Identification?

The identification system password or PIN code is efficient and economical, but also the staff less. It is easy for users to share their password and therefore endanger the safety or the identity of the authorized user even impersonates. Cards and key-chains proximity allow more control because, to be a unique user identification device, it is harder to share. Either way, the fingerprint will always be the most reliable way to ensure that whoever enters the facility system is a previously authorized user.​

"The fingerprint is always the most reliable way to make sure that whoever comes to facilities is an authorized user system."

Moreover, the fingerprint identification system is more tedious when providing access to casual users or visitors as is the case of the common areas of residential buildings.​

Imagine that you ask a family member to watch us in the pool at the smallest of the house; it would be impractical to feed them into the system. In this case, a proximity system or code would be more appropriate, since it only would have to pay the proximity card or key tag or share our password.​

What Level Of Control Over Users Want?

In some cases, it is essential for the customer to control the time of entry or restrict users who enter what dependencies. In other cases, it will not matter at all. If the user control is a vital necessity, we opt for a centralized system, allowing access to more data and more effectively manage user’s way.​

Access Control Planning

Is It A Practical System?

You cannot forget that it should be a practical system and easy operation. To access areas where strict security is needed, will be more effective a combined system, but perhaps it is too inconvenient to access, for example, the dining room of a company.​

A system fingerprint ensures that no intruder enters a factory, but what if at the factory are used to working with safety gloves? This system would be really uncomfortable for some users.​

Can The Brand You Help Choose The Installation?

You should not be afraid to learn how to perform this type of installation. Most systems and access control technologies are simple to install and can be performed with the help of the manufacturer. The best option is to have a manufacturer to transmit confidence and offers commercial, technical and custom post-sales support.​

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Installation of Kontrola dostępu systems is an attractive new source of revenue for the construction sector and security. Undoubtedly, increasingly we find more customers interested in improving their safety with such systems. It is very important to distinguish between the different options available to make the best recommendation to the client. Listen to customer needs is essential to provide the best service.​

In our first installation of access control and whatever the technology chose, it is important to have the support of a trusted manufacturer able to provide expert technical support for each type of facility and to answer all doubts quickly and efficiently. Only then can we have everything under control.​

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