Enjoy The Luxuries And Comforts With Porsche Cayman Miami

Although the Porsche Cayman Miami takes its place between the 911 and the Boxster when it comes to engine performance, it does not mean the Cayman is any different. In fact, it is snappier. It presents greater ease as it takes off the burden of heavy weight, especially with what hangs out from the back. It eliminates the need to control all the effects of such weight.

Features of the Porsche Cayman

  • Porsche Cayman is a two-seater. In place of the rear seats, the engine takes over space. This also means the engine is not readily accessible. However, there is a passage to the oil filler using the boot.
  • A generous luggage area is lying under the long tailgate. This feature clearly supplements the front boot patterned to the size of the 911 and the Boxster. Porsche makes it a point to make their small cars.
  • While the Cayman has obvious similarities with the Boxster, it does have very distinct features, too. This includes the neat fastback roof as well as the rear wings, which are rather curvaceous. It is a true Porsche carrying one of the signatures looks the movable rear spoiler that is capable of deploying more than 120 km/h.

Overall, the Porsche Cayman appears to be a mix. It does not come with many new unique parts. It appears to be a Boxster that comes with a roof. That means the structure of the Cayman is about two and a half times stiffer. This equates to a focuses driving experience as the suspension is designed to carry a sportier and tauter setting.

Engine of Porsche Cayman

Compared to the 911, which has a 3.6 or 3.8 L engine and the Boxster has a 3.2 L engine, the Cayman carries a 3.4L engine. It combines the 911 cylinder barrels with the Boxster's crankshaft.

Porsche engines are now designed to be water-cooled. However, both the intake and exhaust notes are still overlaid which results to a rather whine like and breathy like those found in giant air-cooling fans.

The Porsche Cayman is capable of 0-100km/h acceleration within 5.3 seconds. And its maximum speed is at 275 km/h. This is considering the Cayman's low fuel thirst. It can still pick up the pace.

What makes the Cayman different?

Porsche Cayman can perform more excellently with the Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM). However, it can still work quite well enough without it as compared to the 911 which may not make it without the PASM. This is mainly due to firmer ride with low turbulence.

With the PASM, the Cayman is about 10mm lower. When it is switched to the Sports mode, makes the damping tighter. The optional PASM works much better with the Chrono option which also comes with a stopwatch to time hot laps.

Overall, the Cayman the most breathtaking Porsche as it only uses a variety of existing Porsche parts. However, it is still quite remarkable proving the advantages of a rigid and solid-roofed body shell.

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