How To Print SMS From Android By Using Cloud Printer?

Want to Print SMS From Android like photos, files, text messages? Google Cloud Print is the best answer. Cloud Print, which technically is a beta as many of the things Google does, works by processing on the web the materials to print. This means that you can send things to print to your printer at home when you are in another place, such as a friend’s house. Also check this article easy way to Print Text Messages From iPhone

Why to Google Cloud Print?

If to print from your Android device still send the documents by email, it’s time to change. With Google Cloud Print you can print almost anything from your Android device (phone or tablet) to any printer, even from an older model. But there is more, Google Cloud Print not only works with Android, but also with any device that has Chrome, including iOS and any desktop or laptop.​

How to set it up to Print SMS From Android?

Get your printer ready for Google Cloud Print

If your printer has Wi-Fi, then it is very possible that it can work with Google Cloud Print. This means that you can print on your printer even when your computer is off. Because the printer has Wi-Fi connection, you can connect directly to your Android device without the assistance of the computer.​

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To find out if your printer can work with Google Cloud Print, visit the Cloud Print website and find out if your printer model is listed under the “Cloud Ready Printers” tab. Once you find the model, click on the description for the configuration instructions. The instructions differ depending on the model of the printer.​

If your printer is not listed, do not worry. One of the biggest advantages of Google Cloud Print is that it supports older model printers. As long as your computer is on, connected to the Internet, and your printer is plugged in, you can use Cloud Print to print SMS from android. Just follow these steps:​

  • Start Chrome on your computer.
  • Open the Menu in Chrome and make sure you’re signed in to your Google account. It must be the same account you use on your Android device.
  • In the same Chrome Menu, go to Settings. Scroll down and click Show Advanced Settings, click Manage to Google Cloud Print. It is at this step that you connect and connects your computer to your Google account.
  • Click Add Printers and select the printer you would like to use with your Android device. Click Add Printers again.

Set up your Android device

Setting up your Android device is easy. In the Google Play store, download Google Cloud Print, which basically is a plug-in that allows the function to print for various Google apps and lets you control the materials you have sent to print.​

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In Android versions before KitKat, Google Cloud Print will appear as a stand-alone app. In KitKat, it will appear as a notification when you have started to print a document.​

Print SMS from iPhone

After performing the above steps, you can now print from Chrome or the Gallery application. Just tap the Menu button in either of the two apps and select Print. A window will appear allowing you to select the size of the sheet as well as the color of the print. Select Print.​

With apps from outside companies like Cloud Print Plus, you can expand the selection of the type of material you can print SMS from Android device. This allows you to print text messages, contacts, attachments in an email and files stored on your device. You can even use Cloud Printer to print from Firefox.​

Here you will find a list of apps compatible with Cloud Print.

One last thing, Cloud Print works well on Android. After making the settings, you can use any computer that has Chrome, log in to your Google account and print SMS file directly to your printer at home even when you are elsewhere, such as at a friend’s house.​

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